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Parent: Ball Clay (Theoretical)

Type: Clay

Weight: 0.0000
Formula Weight: 324.5668
LOI: 10.0000
Thermal Expansion: 0.0000
Oxide SiO2 Al2O3 MgO CaO K2O Na2O Fe2O3 TiO2
% Analysis 52.72 28.27 0.39 0.29 4.41 0.48 2.26 1.17
Formula 3.165 1.000 0.035 0.019 0.169 0.028 0.051 0.053

UK ball clay
analysis from DigitalFire Referance library


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Recipes using this material

Name Amount of Hymod AT Ball Clay Temp. Atmospheres Surface Transparency Si:Al R20:RO Author
SA Orange Shino 23 Δ9 - 11 Reduction
Salt & Soda
Satin Opaque 4.65 0.95 : 0.05 Anglian Potters