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Categories: Glaze > Clear
Firing Temperature: Δ6
Atmospheres: Oxidation
Surface Type: Glossy
Transparency: Semi-opaque

Source/Alternate names: Cushing Handbook 1994 Smooth Satin/Mat Base

Firing Notes: cool maximum rate to 800C hold 1 hour

Significant Flaw: crazing

Notes: Alisa Clausen: glossy, transparent base, crazed badly on white midrange stoneware, oxides did not move under glaze.
With 10 zirconia, glossy, white glaze, crazed on white midrange stoneware, oxides did not move under base.
With 2 cobalt carbonate, glossy, dark blue glaze, no visible crazing.
With 1 cobalt carbonate plus 2 chrome oxide, semigloss, dark green glaze, no visible crazing.
With 1 copper carbonate, very glossy, transparent glaze, light green, crazed.
With 10 ochre, slightly less glossy, ochre brown glaze, slight crazing.
With 10 red iron oxide, slightly less glossy, dark brown glaze, no visible crazing.

Notes: Steve Slatin: some of the Cushing glazes are formulated for the far edge of what works. My favourite, Rusty Bronze done as green
runs at cone 6, and if you have a cool at all slow it gets very matte, but if you turn off your kiln at cone 5½ and do a fast cool, you get a
fabulous mix of glossy where thick and microcrystalline with a nice texture shift where thin. And one percent of bentonite in the glaze
bucket just changes it entirely.

Material Amount Batch Subtotal
Nepheline Syenite (Theoretical) 45
EPK 20
Whiting 18
Zinc Oxide 12
Silica 5
Total Base:100
Yellow Ochre 10
Total: 110

Percentage Analysis

Ingredient Amount SiO2 Al2O3 MgO CaO ZnO K2O Na2O KNaO P2O5 Fe2O3 TiO2 LOI
Nepheline Syenite (Theoretical)4527.3210.480.050.312.074.416.480.040.32
Zinc Oxide1212
Yellow Ochre105.781.990.010.022.2
100% no LOI 47.8120.190.0710.612.142.164.486.640.052.420.08

Unity Molecular Formula (UMF)



0.17 Na2O
0.05 K2O
0.34 ZnO
0.43 CaO


0.45 Al2O3


1.83 SiO2


0.03 Fe2O3





0.22 : 0.78

SiO2:Al2O3 Chart

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Stull Chart
SiO2:Al2O3 Ratio
SiO2:Al2O3 Ratio 4.02

Similar RO/R2O Unity Formulas

Recipe Name ΔTemp Al2O3 B2O3 SiO2 ZrO2 SnO2 TiO2 KNaO K2O Na2O CaO MgO ZnO BaO PbO Li2O SrO
Val Cushing Smooth Satin (+ Ochre) 6 0.45 1.83 0.22 0.05 0.17 0.43 0.34
VC Smooth Satin Mat, ^6 ox. 10 Ochre 6 0.45 1.83 0.22 0.05 0.17 0.43 0.34

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Globally Harmonized System (GHS) Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) SDS Link
Material Pictograms Signal Word Hazard Statements Health Flammability Hazard Protection
EPK HarmfulHealth Hazard DANGER EPK Kaolin is a naturally occurring mineral, which may contain amounts of crystalline silica
typically 0.1-1.0%, may cause damage to respiratory system through prolonged or repeated
1 0 0 E
Whiting Harmful WARNING Causes eye irritation
Zinc Oxide 0 0 0 *
Silica HarmfulHealth Hazard DANGER From 200-Mesh SDS:
May cause cancer by inhalation.
Causes damage to lungs through prolonged or repeated exposure by inhalation.
* 0 0 E
Yellow Ochre Health Hazard DANGER May cause cancer.